Hearings for March 13th, 2017

105th Legislature, 1st Regular Session - Day 45

The order of the bills listed may not be the order in which they are heard that day in committee.

Location: Room 1524
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
Agency 25 Health and Human Services
Note: (Operations, Medicaid and Long Term Care, Public Health, Veterans Homes Divisions)
LB513 Hilkemann Appropriate funds to provide a base rate increase for certain hospital services as prescribed

Banking, Commerce and Insurance
Location: Room 1507
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB292 Larson Authorize series limited liability companies under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
LB551 Walz Change qualifications for certain real property appraiser credentials
LB594 Groene Require a limited liability company seeking a tax benefit to file an amended certificate of organization

Business and Labor
Location: Room 2102
Time: 1:30 PM

Document Introducer Description
LB420 McCollister Adopt the Fair Chance Hiring Act
LB473 Walz Require rest periods for employees
LB436 Ebke Change the definition of employer to exclude franchisors for purposes of certain labor statutes