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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB29 Kolterman Passed Eliminate the Class V School Employees Retirement Cash Fund
LB30 Kolterman Referral Provide for a cash balance benefit plan by cities of the metropolitan and primary classes for certain police officers or firefighters as prescribed
LB31 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Change school retirement plan provisions relating to service credits
LB32 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Eliminate a duty of the Public Employees Retirement Board and change provisions relating to prior service retirement benefit payments for county employees
LB79 Blood Indefinitely postponed Adopt the Small Business Retirement Marketplace Act
LB94 Kolterman Passed Increase amount of funds offered by the state investment officer to financial institutions as deposits under the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act
LB110 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Change duties and requirements relating to certain retirement plan reporting and change duties of the Auditor of Public Accounts and the Public Employees Retirement Board
LB219 Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee Indefinitely postponed Change retirement system provisions relating to authorized benefit elections and actuarial assumptions
LB278 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Redefine disability and change disability retirement application and medical examination provisions for various retirement acts
LB412 Bolz Referral Provide duties for the state investment officer relating to investment in energy-related companies or funds
LB413 Kolterman Indefinitely postponed Change a retirement application timeframe for judges and Nebraska State Patrol officers as prescribed and change supplemental lump-sum cost-of-living adjustments under the Judges Retirement Act
LB414 Kolterman Referral Provide an employer contribution and a state contribution for judges' retirement as prescribed and change provisions relating to distribution and remittance of court fees
LB415 Kolterman Passed Change provisions relating to certain retirement plans as prescribed
LB532 Kolterman Referral Change provisions relating to a military service credit for certain retirement plans as prescribed
LB548 Lindstrom Referral Provide for the consolidation of the Class V school employees' retirement system and the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska
LR91 Kolterman Referral Interim study to examine the public employees' retirement systems administered by the Public Employees Retirement Board
LR92 Kolterman Referral Interim study to examine the requirement that the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee of the Legislature monitor underfunded defined benefit plans administered by political subdivisions
LR202 Kolterman Referral Interim study to examine bona fide severance of employment compliance requirements under the Internal Revenue Code as related to maintaining section 401 (a) qualified defined benefit retirement plans