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Document Primary Introducer Status Description
LB125 Brasch Withdrawn Change application and fee requirements for feedlots and dairies registered under the Livestock Brand Act
LB134 Brasch Passed Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act and eliminate the Nebraska Graded Egg Act
LB135 Lowe General File Change and eliminate Department of Agriculture provisions relating to publicity, publications, and personnel
LB260 Hansen Referral Provide for a state food insecurity nutrition incentive grant program and state intent regarding appropriations
LB274 Halloran Passed Change provisions of the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act and eliminate the Nebraska Rangeland Grasshopper Control Act
LB276 Albrecht Passed Change provisions relating to hybrid seed corn and provide enforcement powers and judicial remedies
LB348 Larson Indefinitely postponed Eliminate licensing, an excise tax, and other provisions of the Nebraska Potato Development Act
LB449 Chambers General File Repeal the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Management Act
LB477 McCollister Referral Prohibit certain unlawful acts as prescribed relating to the Weights and Measures Act
LB499 Brewer Referral Provide for voluntary registration and duties for the Department of Agriculture under the Nebraska Apiary Act as prescribed
LB600 Agriculture Committee Passed Change various provisions of the Livestock Brand Act relating to the Nebraska Brand Committee
LB617 Wayne Referral Adopt the Industrial Hemp Act
LR171 Brewer Referral Interim study to examine ways to minimize conflict in the availability and utilization of bee forage resources
LR179 Brasch Referral Interim study to examine the application of the Livestock Brand Act to dairy animals and dairy operations located within the mandatory brand inspection area
LR180 Brasch Referral Interim study to examine opportunities for increased coordination between the Nebraska Brand Committee and the Dept. of Agriculture
LR193 Albrecht Referral Interim study to determine the impact of increased use of higher level ethanol blends and various policies to incentivize use of such blends