Occupational Board Reform Act

General Information

Committee of Jurisdiction:General Affairs
Occupation Regulated:Horseracing- Jockey
Occupational Board:Nebraska State Racing Commission
Contact:Tom Sage
Purpose:The purpose of the State Racing Commission is to provide statewide regulation of horseracing in order to prevent and eliminate corrupt practices and fraudulent behavior, and thereby maintain a high level of integrity and honesty in the horseracing industry of Nebraska and to insure that all funds received by the commission are properly distributed.
Regulated Professionals:One profession, A number of license categories
Year Created:1935
Year Active:1935
Sunset Date:Unknown


Statutory Authorization:2-1207 2-1247
Parent Agency:N/A


Number of Members:
Who Appoints:
Legislative Approval:
Qualifications of Members:
Per Diem:
Expense Reimbursement:
Term Length:
Terms Rotate or Expire at Once:


Required FY 2020-2019:0
Held FY 2020-2019:0
Required FY 2019-2018:0
Held FY 2019-2018:0
Required FY 2018-2017:0
Held FY 2018-2017:0
Required FY 2017-2016:0
Held FY 2017-2016:0
Required FY 2016-2015:0
Held FY 2016-2015:0


Support Staff:6 during live racing- 2 non live racing
Shared or Separate:shared
FY 2020-2019 Budget:720603
FY 2019-2018 Budget:1329063
FY 2018-2017 Budget:1009387
FY 2017-2016 Budget:1385771
FY 2016-2015 Budget:975783
Other Funding Sources:N/A
Spending Authority:2-1209


Government Certificates Issued:7271
Issued Certificate Descriptions:All license categories listed in NSRC Rule 10.007.01
Government Certificates Revoked:27
Revoked Certificate Descriptions:Positive equine drug test, Human positive drug test, financial issues, falsifying application
Government Certificates Denied:41
Denied Certificate Descriptions:Not eligible for licensing, suspended in another state, not authorized to work in the United States
Government Certificates Penalties Against:88
Penalty Certificate Descriptions:Fines for rule violation
Explanation of Effectiveness:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/explanation1605207948.pdf
Potential HarmIf occupational license were no longer issued it would be imposable to keep the integrity of horseracing. License are issued to workers on the racetrack to allow them to work in specific areas of the racetrack. All licenses are fingerprinted and a backg
Regulation Comparison:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/comparison1605207948.pdf
Subject to Regulations of Act(LB407):No
Survey Submitted: November 12, 2020 01:05 PM