Occupational Board Reform Act

General Information

Committee of Jurisdiction:Agriculture
Occupation Regulated:Bulk Milk Hauler/Sampler
Occupational Board:No Board - it is FSCP at NDA
Contact:Teresa Curry, Dan Kahler, and Randy Chloupek
Purpose:To regulate the collection (hauling and sampling) of bulk raw milk for processing in the state of Nebraska.
Regulated Professionals:103
Year Created: §81-263.115, Laws 1969, chapter 5, §29, p. 86
Year Active:1970
Sunset Date:none


Statutory Authorization:currently, Neb. Rev. Stat. §2-3971
Parent Agency:Nebraska Department of Agriculture


Number of Members:
Who Appoints:
Legislative Approval:
Qualifications of Members:
Per Diem:
Expense Reimbursement:
Term Length:
Terms Rotate or Expire at Once:


Required FY 2020-2019:0
Held FY 2020-2019:0
Required FY 2019-2018:0
Held FY 2019-2018:0
Required FY 2018-2017:0
Held FY 2018-2017:0
Required FY 2017-2016:0
Held FY 2017-2016:0
Required FY 2016-2015:0
Held FY 2016-2015:0


Support Staff:One
Shared or Separate:Shared
FY 2020-2019 Budget:13081
FY 2019-2018 Budget:11176
FY 2018-2017 Budget:10403
FY 2017-2016 Budget:10712
FY 2016-2015 Budget:10506
Other Funding Sources:0
Spending Authority:NDA, Program 57, $13,000


Government Certificates Issued:118
Issued Certificate Descriptions:*Number represent NEWLY issued licenses, not renewed licenses FY 19/20 - 19 FY 18/19 - 25 FY 17/18 - 37 FY 16/17 - 14 FY 15/16 - 23
Government Certificates Revoked:0
Revoked Certificate Descriptions:N/A
Government Certificates Denied:0
Denied Certificate Descriptions:N/A
Government Certificates Penalties Against:0
Penalty Certificate Descriptions:N/A
Explanation of Effectiveness:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/explanation1599242385.pdf
Potential HarmSee attached PDF.
Regulation Comparison:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/comparison1599242385.pdf
Subject to Regulations of Act(LB407):No
Survey Submitted: September 4, 2020 12:59 PM