Occupational Board Reform Act

General Information

Committee of Jurisdiction:Health and Human Services
Occupation Regulated:Lead Worker
Occupational Board:None
Contact:Claire Covert-ByBee (licensure) Doug Gillespie (program)
Purpose:To protect the public, the licensee and the environment from exposure to a known carcinogen.
Regulated Professionals:185
Year Created:2000
Year Active:2000
Sunset Date:n/a


Statutory Authorization:Neb. Rev. Stat. 71-6321
Parent Agency:Department of Health and Human Services


Number of Members:n/a
Who Appoints:n/a
Legislative Approval:n/a
Qualifications of Members:n/a
Per Diem:No
Expense Reimbursement:No
Term Length:n/a
Terms Rotate or Expire at Once:All Expire


Required FY 2020-2019:0
Held FY 2020-2019:0
Required FY 2019-2018:0
Held FY 2019-2018:0
Required FY 2018-2017:0
Held FY 2018-2017:0
Required FY 2017-2016:0
Held FY 2017-2016:0
Required FY 2016-2015:0
Held FY 2016-2015:0


Support Staff:9
Shared or Separate:shared
FY 2020-2019 Budget:172758
FY 2019-2018 Budget:141142
FY 2018-2017 Budget:142076
FY 2017-2016 Budget:169433
FY 2016-2015 Budget:130545
Other Funding Sources:Annual grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Spending Authority:yes


Government Certificates Issued:183
Issued Certificate Descriptions:Lead Abatement Inspector - 12; Lead Abatement Risk Assessor - 56; Lead Abatement Supervisor - 18; Lead Abatement worker - 82; Lead Based Paint Firm - 9; Lead Based Paint Firm (Consultant) - 6
Government Certificates Revoked:1
Revoked Certificate Descriptions:Lead Risk Assessor
Government Certificates Denied:2
Denied Certificate Descriptions:Lead workers
Government Certificates Penalties Against:9
Penalty Certificate Descriptions:2 notices of violations, 7 civil penalties
Explanation of Effectiveness:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/explanation1593717148.pdf
Potential HarmThere would be no oversight to provide protection to the public or the industry. Training providers would lose their accreditation. No organization could apply for federal funding to help abate lead hazards.
Regulation Comparison:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/comparison1593717148.pdf
Subject to Regulations of Act(LB407):Yes
Survey Submitted: July 2, 2020 02:12 PM