Occupational Board Reform Act

General Information

Committee of Jurisdiction:General Affairs
Occupation Regulated:Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) contestants
Occupational Board:Nebraska Athletic Commission
Contact:Aaron Hendry, State Athletic Commissioner
Purpose:To ensure competitive and fair MMA bouts. To permit the Athletic Commission to suspend contestants who have suffered injuries from competing until an appropriate time period has elapsed or until given medical clearance. Additionally, to permit the Commiss
Regulated Professionals:MMA licenses are good for one year. For calendar year 2019 to date, 170 persons are licensed as MMA
Year Created:MMA became a regulated sport in 2007.
Year Active:2007 to present
Sunset Date:N/A


Statutory Authorization:Neb.Rev.Stat. § 81-8,133.01
Parent Agency:Nebraska Athletic Commission


Number of Members:
Who Appoints:
Legislative Approval:
Qualifications of Members:
Per Diem:
Expense Reimbursement:
Term Length:
Terms Rotate or Expire at Once:


Required FY 2019-2018:0
Held FY 2019-2018:0
Required FY 2018-2017:0
Held FY 2018-2017:0
Required FY 2017-2016:0
Held FY 2017-2016:0
Required FY 2016-2015:0
Held FY 2016-2015:0
Required FY 2015-2014:0
Held FY 2015-2014:0


Support Staff:In addition to the State Athletic Commissioner, the Athletic Commission has one full time employee
Shared or Separate:For accounting purposes, the Athletic Commission utilizes the finance and accounting staff of the D
FY 2019-2018 Budget:96464
FY 2018-2017 Budget:98876
FY 2017-2016 Budget:94412
FY 2016-2015 Budget:89665
FY 2015-2014 Budget:82641
Other Funding Sources:A tax of five percent of the gross receipts of any MMA or professional boxing event and a five perc
Spending Authority:Neb.Rev.Stat. § 81-8,128


Government Certificates Issued:2676
Issued Certificate Descriptions:MMA Contestant Licenses
Government Certificates Revoked:0
Revoked Certificate Descriptions:The Athletic Commission has limited statutory authority to permanently revoke a license. However, the Commission can issue indefinite medical suspensions barring contestants from further competition until cleared by a doctor. The Commission also requires
Government Certificates Denied:0
Denied Certificate Descriptions:If the requisite medical documentation is not provided by the applicant, the applicant is advised to obtain such documentation before the license application can be considered. If, in conjunction with the license application, the applicant submits the res
Government Certificates Penalties Against:0
Penalty Certificate Descriptions:N/A
Explanation of Effectiveness:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/explanation1573164585.pdf
Potential HarmThe Nebraska Athletic Commission would no longer be able to implement the various safeguards as described previously in this survey.
Regulation Comparison:https://nebraskalegislature.gov/pdf/SurveyDocs/comparison1573164585.pdf
Subject to Regulations of Act(LB407):No
Survey Submitted: November 7, 2019 04:09 PM