2A-104. Leases subject to other law.

(1) A lease, although subject to this article, is also subject to any applicable:

(a) certificate of title statute of this state (the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act);

(b) certificate of title statute of another jurisdiction (section 2A-105); or

(c) consumer protection statute of this state, or final consumer protection decision of a court of this state existing on September 6, 1991.

(2) In case of conflict between this article, other than sections 2A-105, 2A-304(3), and 2A-305(3), and a statute or decision referred to in subsection (1), the statute or decision controls.

(3) Failure to comply with an applicable law has only the effect specified therein.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 159, § 6; Laws 1995, LB 589, § 11; Laws 2005, LB 276, § 113.

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