Nebraska Revised Statute 45-205


Agreements; requirements; fees and delinquency charges authorized.

Every revolving charge agreement shall be in writing and shall be signed by the buyer. Such requirements may be met when disclosure of the revolving charge credit terms has been made to the buyer in conformity with the requirements of the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act before the first extension of credit to the buyer under the revolving charge agreement, and the buyer has signed an application for the revolving charge credit or the buyer signs a sales slip in connection with such extension of credit if the application has been solicited by telephone with disclosure of the periodic rate of the time-price differential by the seller at the time of the telephone solicitation. A copy of any such agreement shall be delivered or mailed to the buyer by the seller prior to the date on which the first payment is due thereunder. All agreements executed on or after such date shall state the amount or rate of the time-price differential to be charged and paid pursuant thereto. If a seller proffers a revolving charge agreement as part of a transaction which delays or cancels, or promises to delay or cancel, the payment of the time-price differential on the revolving charge agreement, if the buyer pays the basic time price, cash price, or cash sale price within a certain period of time, the seller shall, in clear and conspicuous writing, either within the revolving charge agreement or in a separate document or, in lieu thereof, within a statement sent by the seller to the buyer no later than thirty-five days after the buyer's purchase of goods or services, or in the case of special order goods which are not available for immediate delivery no later than thirty-five days after the buyer's receipt of goods, inform the buyer of the exact date by which the buyer must pay the basic time price, cash price, or cash sale price in order to delay or cancel the payment of the time-price differential. The seller or any subsequent purchaser of the revolving charge agreement shall not be allowed to change such date. In addition to the sale price of the goods or services and the time-price differential provided for in sections 45-204 to 45-208, no further or other amount whatsoever shall be directly or indirectly charged, contracted for, or received, except that a seller may (1) contract for and receive fees for participation in a card system which offers services other than revolving charges and (2) impose delinquency charges on each payment in default for a period of not less than ten days not to exceed five percent of the amount due or five dollars, whichever is greater. A delinquency charge under this section may be collected only once on each payment due, however long it remains in default. A delinquency charge may be collected at the time it accrues or at any time afterward.