90-264. Adjutant General; convey easement to the city of Wahoo.

The Adjutant General is authorized by the Legislature to convey to the city of Wahoo, Nebraska, a permanent easement for the maintenance of a sanitary sewer line, with all appurtenances and accessories, in, through, over, and under certain real estate legally described as follows: A twelve-foot-wide strip of land for the maintenance of a sanitary sewer line, with appurtenances and accessories, being part of vacated 17th Street, part of vacated 18th Street, and part of Block 2, in Sunnyside Addition to the City of Wahoo, Saunders County, Nebraska, being described as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of Block 1 of said Sunnyside Addition; thence N88° 21′ 15″ W (assumed bearing) on the south line of said Block 1, 125.65 feet to the true point of beginning; thence continuing N88° 21′ 15″ W on said south line, 12.00 feet; thence S00° 56′ 40″ W, 339.46 feet; thence S74° 21′ 08″ E, 148.70 feet to a point on the west line of Chestnut Street; thence N00° 00′ 00″ W on said west line, 12.46 feet; thence N74° 21′ 08″ W, 136.08 feet; thence N00° 56′ 40″ E, 330.05 feet to the true point of beginning.

Source:Laws 1995, LB 772, § 1.