90-241. Adjutant General; convey described property.

The Adjutant General is authorized by the Legislature to convey to the city of Wayne, Nebraska:

A permanent easement for the construction, reconstruction, inspection, maintenance, operation, and replacement of a sanitary sewer line, water main, storm sewer main, electrical transmission line, and permanent concrete street, together with all appurtenances, structures, and all other applicable equipment pertaining to any sanitary sewer line, water main, electrical transmission line, storm sewer main, and public concrete street, in, through, over, and under certain real estate known as the National Guard Armory property and legally described as follows:

Beginning at the southwest corner of lot 9, block 7, Sunnyview Addition to the city of Wayne, Nebraska; thence southeasterly along the south line of such lot 9, as extended east, thirty-five feet; thence southerly and parallel to the east line of said lot 9, as extended south, 418.90 feet to the north right-of-way of Nebraska State Highway No. 35; thence westerly along said north right-of-way line, thirty-five feet; thence northerly and along the east line of said lot, as extended south, 418.90 feet, to the point of beginning, said real estate being located in the southeast quarter of section 7, township 26 north, range 4, east of the sixth principal meridian, Wayne County, Nebraska.

Source:Laws 1985, LB 235, ยง 1.