9-835. Major procurement; director; Tax Commissioner; powers and duties; limitation; assignment of contract.

(1) Subject to the approval of the Tax Commissioner, the director may request proposals for or enter into major procurements for effectuating the purpose of the State Lottery Act. In awarding contracts in response to requests for proposals, the director shall award such contracts to the responsible vendor who submits the lowest and best proposal which maximizes the benefits to the state in relation to the cost in the areas of security, competence, quality of product, capability, timely performance, and maximization of net revenue to benefit the public purpose of the act. All contract awards made by the director exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars shall be approved by the Tax Commissioner.

(2) The director may not award and the Tax Commissioner may not approve a contract with a person to serve as a lottery contractor for a major procurement if the person has made a contribution to a candidate for a state elective office as defined in section 49-1444 after March 1, 1995, and within three years preceding the award of the contract. A person shall be considered to have made a contribution if the contribution is made by the person, by an officer of the person, by a separate segregated political fund established and administered by the person as provided in section 49-1469, or by anyone acting on behalf of the person, officer, or fund. Any contract awarded in violation of the subsection shall be void.

(3) No contract may be assigned by a lottery contractor except by a written agreement approved by the Tax Commissioner and signed by the director.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 849, § 35; Laws 1993, LB 138, § 54; Laws 1995, LB 28, § 2; Laws 2007, LB638, § 18.