9-830. Lottery game retailer; bond; requirements.

(1) The director may require a bond from each lottery game retailer in an amount, as provided by rule or regulation, graduated according to the volume of expected sales of tickets by the retailer or may purchase a blanket surety bond or bonds covering the activities of all or selected retailers. The total and aggregate liability of a surety on any bond shall be limited to the amount specified in the bond.

(2) A bond shall not be canceled by a surety on less than thirty days' notice in writing to the director. If a bond is canceled following proper written notice, the lottery game retailer shall file a new bond with the director in the required amount on or before the effective date of cancellation of the previous bond. Failure to do so shall result in the automatic suspension of the lottery game retailer's contract. A suspended contract shall be terminated upon proper notice if the requirements of this subsection are not met within thirty days of the suspension.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 849, § 30; Laws 1993, LB 138, § 50.