9-632. Manufacturer-distributor; license required; application; fee; expiration; renewal.

(1) No individual, sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation shall manufacture, sell, print, or distribute lottery equipment or supplies for use or play in this state without having first been issued a manufacturer-distributor license by the department.

(2) The department shall charge a biennial license fee of one thousand five hundred twenty-five dollars for the issuance or renewal of a manufacturer-distributor license. The department shall remit the proceeds from such license fees to the State Treasurer for credit to the Charitable Gaming Operations Fund. All manufacturer-distributor licenses may be renewed biennially. The biennial expiration date shall be September 30 of every odd-numbered year or such other date as the department may prescribe by rule and regulation. An application for license renewal shall be submitted to the department at least forty-five days prior to the expiration date of the license.

(3) An applicant for issuance or renewal of a manufacturer-distributor license shall apply for a license on a form prescribed by the department. The application form shall include:

(a) The name and address of the applicant and the name and address of each of its separate locations manufacturing or distributing lottery equipment or supplies;

(b) The name and home address of all owners or members of the manufacturer-distributor business if the business is not a corporation. If the business is a corporation, the name and home address of each of the officers and directors of the corporation and of each stockholder owning ten percent or more of any class of stock in the corporation shall be supplied;

(c) If the applicant is an individual, the applicant's social security number;

(d) If the applicant is a foreign manufacturer-distributor, the full name, business address, and home address of the agent who is a resident of this state designated pursuant to section 9-633; and

(e) Such other information as the department deems necessary.

(4) The applicant shall notify the department within thirty days of any change in the information submitted on or with the application form. The applicant shall comply with all applicable laws of the United States and the State of Nebraska and all applicable rules and regulations of the department.

(5) Any person licensed as a manufacturer pursuant to section 9-255.09 or 9-332 or as a distributor pursuant to section 9-255.07 or 9-330 may act as a manufacturer-distributor pursuant to this section upon the filing of the proper application form and payment of a biennial license fee of one thousand five hundred twenty-five dollars.

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