9-605. Expenses, defined.

Expenses shall mean (1) all costs associated with the purchasing, printing, or manufacturing of any items to be used or distributed in the lottery, (2) all office or clerical expenses in connection with the lottery, (3) all promotional expenses for the lottery, (4) all salaries of persons employed to operate, conduct, or supervise the lottery, (5) any rental or lease expense related to the lottery, (6) any fee or commission paid to any person associated with the lottery, (7) license fees paid to the department, and (8) any other costs associated with the conduct of a lottery by a county, city, or village. Expenses shall not include taxes paid pursuant to section 9-648 or prizes awarded to participants.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 1027, § 176; Laws 1989, LB 767, § 51.