9-345.01. Conduct of lottery; location; special function.

A licensed organization may conduct a lottery by the sale of pickle cards only at its designated premises, at its regularly scheduled bingo occasion and its limited period bingo conducted pursuant to the Nebraska Bingo Act, and at the premises of one or more pickle card operators.

A licensed organization may obtain an authorization from the department to sell its individual pickle cards at a festival, bazaar, picnic, carnival, or similar special function conducted by the licensed organization outside of the organization's designated premises one time per twelve-month period commencing October 1 of each year or such other date as the department may prescribe by rule and regulation not to exceed seven consecutive days if the special function is conducted within the county in which the licensed organization has its principal office and the pickle cards are sold only by volunteer members of the licensed organization. A licensed organization shall make written request to the department for such authorization at least ten days prior to the start of the special function.

Source:Laws 1988, LB 1232, § 28; Laws 1994, LB 694, § 87; Laws 2000, LB 1086, § 14.

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