9-338. Pickle card or pickle card unit; restrictions on manufacturer; contraband.

(1) No manufacturer or representative thereof, with knowledge or in circumstances under which he or she reasonably should have known, shall manufacture, possess, display, sell, or otherwise furnish to any person any pickle card or pickle card unit:

(a) In which the winning tab or tabs have not been completely and randomly distributed and mixed among all other tabs in a series;

(b) In which the location or approximate location of any of the winning tab or tabs can be determined in advance of opening the tab or tabs in any manner or by any device, including, but not limited to, any pattern in the manufacture, assembly, or packaging of the tabs or pickle cards by the manufacturer, by any markings on the tabs or container, or by the use of a light;

(c) Which offers both a chance for an instant prize and a possible chance to participate in a subsequent lottery activity, except that pickle card units (i) may utilize a seal card to award prizes or (ii) may utilize numbers drawn or selected in the conduct of bingo pursuant to the Nebraska Bingo Act to award prizes; or

(d) Which does not conform in all other respects to the requirements of the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act and any other specifications imposed by the department by rule and regulation as to the manufacture, assembly, or packaging of pickle cards.

Any such cards or units shall be contraband goods for purposes of section 9-350.

(2) No manufacturer or representative thereof shall use as a sales promotion any statement, demonstration, or implication that any certain portion of a series of pickle cards contains more winners than other portions of the series or that any series of pickle cards or pickle card units may be sold by the organization or its designated sales agent or pickle card operator in a particular manner that would give the seller any advantage in selling more of the pickle cards before having to pay out winners.

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