9-330. Distributor's license; application; requirements; fee; renewal.

Any applicant for a distributor's license, including renewal thereof, shall file an application with the department on a form prescribed by the department. Each application shall be accompanied by a biennial license fee of three thousand fifty dollars. At a minimum, the application shall include the name and address of the applicant, including all shareholders who own ten percent or more of the outstanding stock if the applicant is a corporation, the location of its office or business, a current list, if requested, of those organizations within the state to whom the applicant is selling pickle card units, and, if the applicant is an individual, the applicant's social security number. All applications shall include a sworn statement by the applicant or the appropriate officer thereof that the applicant will comply with all provisions of the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act and all rules and regulations adopted and promulgated under such act.

The principal office of an applicant for a distributor's license or of a licensed distributor shall be located in Nebraska.

No person shall be issued a distributor's license if such person is not doing business or authorized to do business in this state.

Distributors' licenses shall expire on September 30 of every odd-numbered year or such other date as the department may prescribe by rule or regulation. Distributors' licenses may be renewed biennially. An application for license renewal shall be submitted to the department at least forty-five days prior to the expiration date of the license.

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