9-315. Pickle card, defined.

Pickle card shall mean any disposable card, board, or ticket which accords a person an opportunity to win a cash prize by opening, pulling, detaching, or otherwise removing one or more tabs from the card, board, or ticket to reveal a set of numbers, letters, symbols, or configurations, or any combination thereof, and shall include, but not be limited to, any card known as a pickle ticket, pickle, break-open, pull-tab, pull-tab board, punchboard, seal card, pull card, or any other similar card, board, or ticket which is included under this section, whether referred to by any other name.

Pickle card shall not mean or include any:

(1) Card used in connection with bingo conducted pursuant to the Nebraska Bingo Act, except as provided in section 9-346;

(2) Racing ticket or wager in connection with any horserace conducted pursuant to Chapter 2, article 12;

(3) Scrape-off or rub-off ticket;

(4) Card, ticket, or other device used in connection with any kind of gambling, lottery, raffle, or gift enterprise authorized or regulated under the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act, the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act, the Nebraska Small Lottery and Raffle Act, the State Lottery Act, or section 9-701; or

(5) Card, ticket, or other device prohibited under Chapter 28, article 11.

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