9-255.03. Gross receipts; segregation; books and records; commingling of funds.

(1) The gross receipts, less the amount awarded in prizes at each bingo occasion, shall be segregated from all other revenue of a licensed organization and placed in a separate bingo checking account of the licensed organization. All lawful purpose donations and all bingo expenses, including expenses for the management, operation, or conduct of bingo but excluding the payment of prizes, shall be paid by a check from such account. Prizes may be paid out in cash by the licensed organization if prize payments in cash of five hundred dollars or more are receipted in a manner prescribed by the department in rule and regulation.

(2) Separate books of the bingo operations shall be maintained by the licensed organization. Records, reports, lists, and all other information required by the Nebraska Bingo Act and any rules and regulations adopted pursuant to the act shall be preserved for at least three years.

(3) A licensed organization may commingle funds received from the conduct of bingo with any general operating funds of the licensed organization by means of a check or electronic funds transfer, but the burden of proof shall be on the licensed organization to demonstrate that such commingled funds are not used to make any payments associated with the conduct of bingo and are used for a lawful purpose.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 694, ยง 51.