9-1202. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 9-1201 to 9-1209:

(1) Authorized gaming operator means a person or entity licensed pursuant to the Nebraska Racetrack Gaming Act to operate games of chance within a licensed racetrack enclosure;

(2) Designated sports wagering area means an area, as designated by the gaming commission, in which sports wagering is conducted;

(3) Dollar amount collected means the total dollar amount wagered by players of games of chance less the total dollar amount returned to such players as prizes;

(4) Game of chance means any game which has the elements of chance, prize, and consideration, including any wager on a slot machine, table game, counter game, or card game, a keno lottery conducted in accordance with the Nebraska County and City Lottery Act, or sports wagering. Game of chance does not include any game the operation of which is prohibited at a casino by federal law;

(5) Gaming commission means the State Racing and Gaming Commission;

(6) Gross gaming revenue means the dollar amount collected by an authorized gaming operator from operation of all games of chance within a licensed racetrack enclosure as computed pursuant to applicable statutes, rules, and regulations less the total of (a) all federal taxes, other than income taxes, imposed on the operation of such games of chance and (b) the amount provided to players by an authorized gaming operator as promotional gaming credits, but only to the extent such promotional gaming credits are redeemed by players to play one or more games of chance being operated by the authorized gaming operator;

(7) Licensed racetrack enclosure means a premises at which licensed live horseracing is conducted in accordance with the Constitution of Nebraska and applicable Nebraska law;

(8) Promotional gaming credit means a credit, token, or other item of value provided by an authorized gaming operator to a player for the purpose of enabling the player to play a game of chance; and

(9) Sports wagering has the same meaning as in section 9-1103.

Source:Initiative Law 2020, No. 431, § 2; Laws 2021, LB561, § 41.

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