9-1110. Sports wagering.

(1) The commission may permit an authorized gaming operator to conduct sports wagering. Any sports wager shall be placed in person or at a wagering kiosk in the designated sports wagering area at the licensed racetrack enclosure.

(2) A floor plan identifying the designated sports wagering area, including the location of any wagering kiosks, shall be filed with the commission for review and approval. Modification to a previously approved plan must be submitted for approval at least ten days prior to implementation. The area shall not be accessible to persons under twenty-one years of age and shall have a sign posted to restrict access. Exceptions to this subsection must be approved in writing by the commission.

(3) The authorized gaming operator shall submit controls for approval by the commission, that include the following for operating the designated sports wagering area:

(a) Specific procedures and technology partners to fulfill the requirements set forth by the commission;

(b) Other specific controls as designated by the commission;

(c) A process to easily and prominently impose limitations or notification for wagering parameters, including, but not limited to, deposits and wagers; and

(d) An easy and obvious method for a player to make a complaint and to enable the player to notify the commission if such complaint has not been or cannot be addressed by the sports wagering operator.

(4) The commission shall develop policies and procedures to ensure a prohibited participant is unable to place a sports wager.

Source:Laws 2021, LB561, ยง 34.