88-540. Delivery of grain; damages; surrender receipt.

Upon demand, presentation of receipts, and payment of lawful charges, the grain represented by such receipts or any part of such grain shall be immediately delivered to the owner or his or her order, and the part delivered shall not be subject to any further charge for storage after such demand for delivery has been made and facilities for receiving and shipping the grain have been provided. If demand is made for only a part of the grain represented by any receipt, the amount delivered shall be entered in a proper blank upon the face of such receipt and delivery of such grain acknowledged on the receipt by the person holding such receipt. For any grain not delivered within twenty-four hours after such demand, the warehouse licensee shall be liable, upon his, her, or its security, to the owner in damages not exceeding one cent per bushel for each day's delay unless he, she, or it delivers to different owners in the order demanded as rapidly as can be done by ordinary diligence. If terminal delivery of grain is demanded, the warehouse licensee shall issue and deliver to the owner or his or her order a surrender receipt, which shall conform to the receipt issued for the grain under section 88-536, making such grain deliverable in its net amount at any terminal market or transit point designated by the owner of such receipt. Such grain shall be subject to the usual freight, weighing, and switching charges when it arrives at the terminal so designated, and the freight shall be computed on the basis of the gross weight of the grain represented by such surrender receipt. The owner of the receipt may, at his, her, or its option, order the car in which the grain covered by the surrender receipt is to be transported, in which case the grain shall be delivered when the car so ordered is placed at the warehouse.

Source:Laws 1987, LB 164, ยง 16.