87-704. Prohibited acts.

It shall be a violation of the Equipment Business Regulation Act for a supplier:

(1) To require a dealer to accept delivery of equipment, repair parts, or attachments that the dealer has not voluntarily ordered;

(2) To require a dealer to order or accept delivery of equipment with special features or attachments not included in the base list price of such equipment as publicly advertised by the supplier;

(3) To require a dealer to enter into any agreement, whether written or oral, amendatory or supplementary to an existing dealer agreement with the supplier unless such amendatory or supplementary agreement is imposed on similarly situated dealers;

(4) To take action terminating, canceling, failing to renew, or substantially changing the competitive circumstances intended by the dealer agreement due to the results of conditions beyond the dealer's control, including drought, flood, labor disputes, or economic recession. This subdivision shall not apply if the dealer is in default of a security agreement in effect with the supplier; and

(5) To condition the renewal or extension of a dealer agreement on (a) the dealer's substantial renovation of its place of business or the construction, purchase, acquisition, or rental of a new place of business by the dealer unless the supplier advises the dealer in writing of its demand for such renovation, construction, purchase, acquisition, or rental within a reasonable time prior to the effective date of the proposed renewal or extension, but in no case less than one year prior to such date, or (b) capital construction exceeding the terms of the dealer agreement in force and effect on May 2, 1991.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 123, ยง 4.