87-214. Registration; Secretary of State; cancel; when.

The Secretary of State shall cancel from the register:

(1) Any registration concerning which the Secretary of State shall receive a voluntary request for cancellation from the registrant or the assignee of record;

(2) Any registration granted under sections 87-208 to 87-219.01 and not renewed in accordance with such sections;

(3) Any registration concerning which a court of competent jurisdiction shall find:

(a) That the registered trade name has been abandoned;

(b) That the registrant is not the owner of the trade name;

(c) That the registration was granted improperly; or

(d) That the registration was obtained fraudulently;

(4) Any registration that a court of competent jurisdiction shall order canceled on any ground; and

(5) Any registration where the registrant has failed to publish such trade name within forty-five days from the filing in the office of the Secretary of State and filing proof of publication with the Secretary of State within the forty-five days.

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