86-572. Council; duties.

The Geographic Information Systems Council shall:

(1) Make recommendations to the Legislature and the Nebraska Information Technology Commission for program initiatives and funding. The recommendations submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically;

(2) Establish guidelines and policies for statewide Geographic Information Systems operations and management to include:

(a) The acquisition, development, maintenance, quality assurance such as standards, access, ownership, cost recovery, and priorities of databases;

(b) The compatibility, acquisition, and communications of hardware and software;

(c) The assessment of needs, identification of scope, setting of standards, and determination of an appropriate enforcement mechanism;

(d) The fostering of training programs and promoting education and information about Geographic Information Systems; and

(e) The promoting of Geographic Information Systems development in the State of Nebraska and providing or coordinating additional support to address Geographic Information Systems issues as such issues arise;

(3) Report to, assist, and advise the Chief Information Officer in setting information technology policy; and

(4) Provide assistance as requested by the commission and support the technical panel created in section 86-521.

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