Nebraska Revised Statute 86-5,109

Chapter 86


Legislative declaration; federal funds; scalability requirements; broadband infrastructure; requirements.

The Legislature declares that it is in the public interest for the state, cities of all classes, villages, and counties to expend federal funds received for the creation and expansion of high-speed broadband services throughout the state. Any political subdivision that directly receives federal funds used for broadband service enhancement purposes shall ensure that the construction of any new infrastructure to provide broadband service is scalable to one hundred megabits per second or greater for downloading and one hundred megabits per second or greater for uploading. Such federal funds shall not be used to serve locations currently capable of receiving broadband service at a minimum download speed of one hundred megabits per second and a minimum upload speed of twenty megabits per second that enables users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video communications using any technology. Any broadband infrastructure built with federal funds is subject to section 86-594.