86-294. Interception; reports.

In January of each year the Attorney General and each county attorney shall report to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts:

(1) The following information with respect to each application for an order or extension made during the preceding calendar year: (a) The fact that an order or extension was applied for; (b) the kind of order or extension applied for; (c) the fact that the order or extension was granted as applied for, was modified, or was denied; (d) the period of interceptions authorized by the order, and the number and duration of any extensions of the order; (e) the offense specified in the order or application, or extension of an order; (f) the identity of the applying investigative or law enforcement officer and agency making the application and the person authorizing the application; and (g) the nature of the facilities from which or the place where communications were to be intercepted;

(2) A general description of the interceptions made under such order or extension, including (a) the approximate nature and frequency of incriminating communications intercepted, (b) the approximate nature and frequency of other communications intercepted, (c) the approximate number of persons whose communications were intercepted, and (d) the approximate nature, amount, and cost of the manpower and other resources used in the interceptions;

(3) The number of arrests resulting from interceptions made under such order or extension, and the offenses for which arrests were made;

(4) The number of trials resulting from such interceptions;

(5) The number of motions to suppress made with respect to such interceptions, and the number granted or denied;

(6) The number of convictions resulting from such interceptions and the offenses for which the convictions were obtained and a general assessment of the importance of the interceptions; and

(7) The information required by subdivisions (2) through (6) of this section with respect to orders or extensions obtained in the preceding calendar year.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 854, § 6, p. 3218; R.S.1943, (1999), § 86-706; Laws 2002, LB 1105, § 156.