86-248. Telephone solicitation to residential line; limitations.

(1) A person shall not make a telephone solicitation using an automatic dialing-announcing device to a residential telephone line (a) before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. at the location of the person called and (b) unless the caller has instituted procedures for maintaining a list of telephone subscribers who do not wish to receive telephone solicitations made by or on behalf of the caller.

(2) The procedures instituted pursuant to subdivision (1)(b) of this section shall meet the following minimum standards:

(a) A written policy, available upon demand, for maintaining a do-not-call list must be established;

(b) Personnel engaged in any aspect of telephone solicitation must be informed of the existence of and trained in the use of the do-not-call list;

(c) If a person making a telephone solicitation, or on whose behalf a solicitation is made, receives a request from a residential or business telephone subscriber not to receive calls from that person, the person shall record the request and place the subscriber's name and telephone number on the do-not-call list and the time the request is made. If the requests are recorded or maintained by someone other than the person on whose behalf the telephone solicitation is made, the person on whose behalf the solicitation is made shall be liable for any failure to honor the do-not-call request. In order to protect a telephone subscriber's privacy, a person making telephone solicitations shall obtain a telephone subscriber's prior express consent to share the telephone subscriber's request not to be called with, or to forward such request to, someone other than the person on whose behalf a telephone solicitation is made or an affiliated entity;

(d) A person making a telephone solicitation shall provide the person called with the identity of the person making the call and a telephone number, other than that of the device which placed the call, or address at which the person may be contacted;

(e) In the absence of a specific request by a telephone subscriber to the contrary, a residential or business telephone subscriber's do-not-call request shall apply to the particular person making the call or on whose behalf a call is made and shall not apply to affiliated entities unless the telephone subscriber reasonably would expect them to be included given the identification of the caller and the product being advertised; and

(f) A person making telephone solicitations shall maintain a do-not-call list for the purpose of any future telephone solicitations.

Source:Laws 1993, LB 305, § 12; R.S.1943, (1999), § 86-1212; Laws 2002, LB 1105, § 110.