86-166. Broadband Data Improvement Program; purpose; commission, powers and duties.

(1) To ensure that the State of Nebraska is accurately represented in federal broadband grant programs, including grants from the federal Universal Service Fund, the Broadband Data Improvement Program is created. The Broadband Data Improvement Program shall be administered by the commission.

(2) The purpose of the Broadband Data Improvement Program is to:

(a) Complement the granular broadband availability data submitted by service providers to the Federal Communications Commission or the Universal Service Administrative Company;

(b) Leverage the Federal Communication Commission's Digital Opportunity Data Collection to improve Nebraska's broadband map; and

(c) Encourage Nebraskans to participate in crowdsourcing efforts developed to enhance federal broadband mapping.

(3) In administering the Broadband Data Improvement Program, the commission may:

(a) Participate in the Federal Communication Commission's Digital Opportunity Data Collection, as such collection existed on January 1, 2020;

(b) In the absence of a federal program to crowdsource broadband data, develop a state-based broadband data crowdsource program if it is determined by the commission that doing so would improve Nebraska's broadband map;

(c) Develop a statewide outreach plan to promote citizen participation in a state or federal broadband data crowdsource program;

(d) Allocate resources to areas of the state where public feedback, crowdsourcing, or other evidence suggests that the federal broadband data may be inaccurate;

(e) Prioritize data improvement in rural areas, including those areas within any city of the first class, city of the second class, village, or unincorporated area of a county; and

(f) Adhere to any guidelines established by the Federal Communications Commission for states to improve data.

(4) The commission may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the purposes of this section.

Source:Laws 2020, LB996, ยง 3.