86-147. No local competition; rate review request by telecommunications company.

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 86-144 to 86-146, a telecommunications company may at any time file an application with the commission requesting the commission to prescribe fair, just, and reasonable rates for the telecommunications company or a telecommunications company may elect to proceed, if eligible, under section 86-141. Such proceedings shall be governed by sections 75-101 to 75-158, 86-140, 86-141, and 86-153 and shall not be limited by section 86-144. Any rate so set may thereafter be adjusted as provided in sections 86-144 and 86-145, however no telecommunications company may change its basic local exchange rate within ninety days after entry of a final order adjusting such rate pursuant to this section.

Source:Laws 2002, LB 1105, ยง 46.