86-131. Trunk and toll line; connection requirements.

Every telecommunications company shall take the calls or messages coming from any other telecommunications company and switch and connect its equipment so that any telephone message from any point in Nebraska may be delivered to any subscriber served by its telephone exchange or switched through and so that any message may be passed on to another exchange over such trunk or toll lines as may be available and designated by the exchange or switching station where the call originated, regardless of the ownership of such lines. Such telecommunications company shall also take calls from its subscribers and public pay stations and pass such calls through its exchange toward destination and over the lines and the route designated by the person making such telephone call if there are competing lines existing between such points. If the person making such telephone call does not designate a route for such message or no competing lines exist between points of origination and destination, the telecommunications company may, by its operator at originating point, make such designation of route, but calls or messages shall be switched through to destination if the point can be reached by any connecting equipment.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 425, art. VI, § 7, p. 1419; Laws 1994, LB 414, § 102; R.S.1943, (1996), § 75-607; Laws 2002, LB 1105, § 30.