86-1003. Legislative intent.

It is the intent of the Legislature that:

(1) The commission plan, implement, coordinate, manage, maintain, and provide funding assistance for a cost-efficient 911 service system;

(2) The commission provide for the coordination of 911 service on a statewide basis;

(3) Local governing bodies be responsible for the dispatch and provision of emergency services;

(4) As part of the coordination of statewide 911 service, the commission secure stakeholder support and provide public education, training, standards enforcement, dispute resolution, and program evaluation for public safety answering points;

(5) The jurisdictions of the state, regional, and local governing bodies be clearly defined and aligned to produce the most efficient provision of 911 service, including next-generation 911 service capability;

(6) The commission adopt statewide uniform standards for technical support, training efficiency, and quality assurance for public safety answering points;

(7) The express authority granted to the commission to implement the 911 Service System Act not be deemed to supersede or otherwise modify section 86-124 or to provide the commission with any additional authority not provided by law existing on April 19, 2016, including, but not limited to, regulatory authority over originating service providers; and

(8) Except as specifically provided in the 911 Service System Act, nothing in the 911 Service System Act be deemed to supersede or modify any commission authority provided by law or any commission order, rule, or regulation existing on April 19, 2016.

Source:Laws 2016, LB938, ยง 3.