85-606. University of Nebraska, state colleges, community colleges; permissive retirement; compulsory retirement; exceptions; retirement contributions; faculty member; revocation of tenure; rights.

(1) Employees of the state colleges, community colleges, and the University of Nebraska may retire upon reaching the age of sixty-five. Any law enforcement personnel reaching the age of seventy shall retire, except that, with the annual approval of the governing board of the institution and the employee, such employee may continue his or her employment beyond the attainment of age seventy.

(2) Any employee continuing to work after age sixty-five shall continue to make contributions to the appropriate retirement system until the date of retirement.

(3) No faculty member of the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska State Colleges, or the community colleges shall have his or her tenure status revoked without due process.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 15, § 1; Laws 1981, LB 463, § 4; Laws 1982, LB 287, § 6; Laws 1987, LB 296, § 5; Laws 1997, LB 623, § 52.