85-1514. Vacancy on board; procedure to fill; qualifications of member filling vacancy.

(1) In addition to the events listed in section 32-560, a vacancy on any board shall exist in the event of the removal of a board member from the community college area for board members elected at large or community college district for board members elected by district. After notice and hearing, a vacancy shall also exist when any board member is absent from more than three consecutive regular meetings of the board unless such absences are excused by a majority of the remaining board members. In the event of a vacancy from any of such causes or otherwise, such vacancy shall be filled by the remaining board members for the balance of the unexpired term. Any person so named to fill a vacancy shall have the same qualifications as his or her immediate predecessor. Such appointment shall be made in writing and certified to the office of the Secretary of State.

(2) If after a primary election there is a vacancy upon the ballot, such vacancy shall be filled by a petition candidate pursuant to section 32-625.

(3) An incumbent shall not be permitted to hold over the term, but such office shall automatically become vacant and an appointment shall be made within one calendar month to fill such vacancy for the ensuing term. If there are vacancies in the offices of a majority of the members of the board, the Secretary of State shall conduct a special election to fill such vacancies.

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