84-911. Validity of rule or regulation; declaratory judgment; procedure.

(1) The validity of any rule or regulation may be determined upon a petition for a declaratory judgment thereon addressed to the district court of Lancaster County if it appears that the rule or regulation or its threatened application interferes with or impairs or threatens to interfere with or impair the legal rights or privileges of the petitioner. The agency shall be made a party to the proceeding. The declaratory judgment may be rendered whether or not the petitioner has first requested the agency to pass upon the validity of the rule or regulation in question.

(2) The court shall declare the rule or regulation invalid if it finds that it violates constitutional provisions, exceeds the statutory authority of the agency, or was adopted without compliance with the statutory procedures. For purposes of this subsection, statutory procedures shall not include procedures provided under the Negotiated Rulemaking Act.

Source:Laws 1959, c. 456, § 4, p. 1511; Laws 1987, LB 253, § 13; Laws 1994, LB 446, § 34.

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