84-902. Agency; rules and regulations; certified copies filed with Secretary of State; manner; open to public inspection.

(1) Each agency shall file in the office of the Secretary of State a certified copy of the rules and regulations in force and effect in such agency. The Secretary of State shall keep a permanent file of all such rules and regulations. Such file shall be updated and kept current upon receipt of any rules and regulations adopted, amended, or repealed and filed with the Secretary of State as provided in the Administrative Procedure Act and shall be open to public inspection during regular business hours of his or her office. The Secretary of State, in order to maintain and keep such files current, shall be empowered to require new and amended rules and regulations to be filed as complete chapters or sections as directed by the Secretary of State.

(2) Rules and regulations filed with the Secretary of State pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act shall be filed in the manner and form prescribed by the Secretary of State including electronic filing if so directed by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall issue instructions to all state agencies setting forth the format to be followed by all agencies in submitting rules and regulations to the Secretary of State. Such instructions shall provide for a uniform page size, a generally uniform and clear indexing system, and annotations including designation of enabling legislation and court or agency decisions interpreting the particular rule or regulation. For good cause shown, the Secretary of State may grant exceptions to the uniform page size requirement and the general indexing instructions for any agency.

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