84-130. Governor; disability; findings; appeal; procedure; validity of acts of successor to office of Governor.

The Governor or any elector of the State of Nebraska may appeal to the Supreme Court from the decision of the members of the conference as provided in sections 84-127 and 84-128. Such appeal shall be perfected within one month from the rendition of the decision of the conference by filing an appeal bond with the court and a copy of the decision of the conference. The cause shall be tried de novo, and shall be advanced for argument before the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court shall render its judgment and write an opinion in such cases as speedily as possible. The decision of the conference may be modified, affirmed, or set aside. The decision of the conference shall remain in full force and effect unless and until such decision is modified or set aside by the Supreme Court. Any official acts of the person who succeeded to the office of Governor while any such appeal is pending shall be deemed to be fully valid for all purposes even though such conference decision be subsequently modified or set aside on appeal.

Source:Laws 1961, c. 452, ยง 4, p. 1380.