84-1102. Declaration of policy.

Because of the existing possibility of an attack of unprecedented size and destructiveness upon the United States; and in order, in the event of such an attack, to assure continuity of government through legally constituted leadership, authority, and responsibility in offices of government of the state and in the governments of all political subdivisions in the state; to provide for the effective operation of governments during an emergency; and to facilitate the early resumption of functions temporarily suspended; the Legislature finds and declares it to be necessary to provide for emergency interim succession to governmental offices of all types of this state and of its various political subdivisions in the event the incumbents thereof are or become unavailable to perform the functions and duties of such offices; and to enable the governing bodies or the electors of political subdivisions in the state to invoke the provisions of sections 84-1101 to 84-1116 therein.

Source:Laws 1959, c. 457, ยง 2, p. 1515.