84-106. Superintendent of Law Enforcement and Public Safety; deputies; appointment by Governor; bond or insurance; powers; actions against, where brought.

The Governor is authorized to call to his or her assistance and to appoint persons necessary to assist the Superintendent of Law Enforcement and Public Safety to enforce the criminal laws. The superintendent and his or her assistants, who shall be designated deputy state sheriffs, shall qualify by taking and filing an oath in writing. Such persons shall be bonded or insured as required by section 11-201. The premiums may be paid for out of appropriations made to the state offices, departments, commissions, or other agencies to which such deputy state sheriffs are assigned. No deputy state sheriffs shall be assigned to the Department of Correctional Services. The superintendent and his or her assistants shall have the same powers in each of the counties of the state as the sheriffs have in their respective counties, insofar as the enforcement of the criminal laws is concerned. An action against the superintendent or any of his or her assistants for an act done by them or either of them by virtue of or under color of their offices respectively, or for any neglect of their official duties, shall be brought in Lancaster County, Nebraska, or in the county where the cause of action or some part thereof arose.

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