83-943. Division of Administrative Services; duties.

The Division of Administrative Services shall coordinate and supervise services available to all divisions of the Department of Correctional Services from a centralized location within the department. Such services shall include:

(1) Providing technical assistance on budget preparation, accounting procedures, federal funding administration, procurement, and inventory;

(2) Providing assistance in the total concept of human resource management involving staffing, recruitment, and evaluation and establishing and maintaining inservice training programs for existing programs as well as future programs;

(3) Providing technical assistance in the planning and development of new capital construction projects and supervising maintenance functions for all facilities within the department;

(4) Providing data collection and analysis from Nebraska and other states to assist the director in the formulation of current and future corrections policy and to justify budgetary needs to implement policy decisions, and developing standards for evaluation of corrections programs to better evaluate social worth and budgetary performance;

(5) Design and implementation of a comprehensive data record system for the disposition of the criminal records of adult inmates in the state; and

(6) Performance of other duties assigned by the Director of Correctional Services.

Source:Laws 1975, LB 417, § 21; Laws 1993, LB 31, § 82.