83-924. Assistant director; duties, powers, and responsibilities.

Subject to the supervision and approval of the Director of Correctional Services, each assistant director shall have the following duties, powers, and responsibilities:

(1) To coordinate and direct all programs and facilities under his or her jurisdiction;

(2) To select and manage such staff and supervise the operation of such equipment as he or she may require;

(3) To make such revisions to internal systems in each division as may be necessary to promote economy and facilitate maximum utilization of existing correctional services and facilities;

(4) To cause any existing program and facilities to be utilized by or merged with those of any other division in order to provide for greater efficiency or achieve any economic advantage;

(5) To provide the Legislature and the Governor technical assistance, advice, and information concerning administrative operations within his or her division; and

(6) To exercise all powers and perform all duties necessary and proper in carrying out his or her responsibilities.

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