83-4,134. Detention and staff secure juvenile facility; standards applicable; when; violation of standards; effect.

Sections 83-4,124 to 83-4,134.01 shall be implemented upon completion of the development of minimum standards by the Jail Standards Board. Thereafter, inspections shall begin, but no criminal detention facility, juvenile detention facility, or staff secure juvenile facility shall be closed within one year of the date of first filing of the minimum standards in the office of the Secretary of State. After one year from the date of first filing of the minimum standards, a facility may be closed for any violation of the minimum standards. Those standards relating to the construction of the facility itself and its plumbing, heating, and wiring systems shall not be enforced so as to require the closing of any facility for a period of two years from the date of the first filing of the minimum standards unless such violations are of immediate danger to the safety of the persons confined in the facility or facility personnel, in which case such period shall be one year.

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