83-4,133. Detention and staff secure juvenile facility; governing body; failure to take corrective action; petition by Jail Standards Board; hearing; order; appeal.

If the governing body of the juvenile detention facility, criminal detention facility, or staff secure juvenile facility fails to initiate corrective action within six months after the receipt of such inspection report, fails to correct the disclosed conditions, or fails to close the criminal detention facility, juvenile detention facility, or staff secure juvenile facility or the objectionable portion thereof, the Jail Standards Board may petition the district court within the judicial district in which such facility is located to close the facility. Such petition shall include the inspection report regarding such facility. The local governing body shall then have thirty days to respond to such petition and shall serve a copy of the response on the Jail Standards Board by certified mail, return receipt requested. Thereafter, a hearing shall be held on the petition before the district court, and an order shall be rendered by such court which either:

(1) Dismisses the petition of the Jail Standards Board;

(2) Directs that corrective action be initiated in some form by the local governing body of the facility in question; or

(3) Directs that the facility be closed. An appeal from the decision of the district court may be taken to the Court of Appeals.

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