Nebraska Revised Statute 83-4,129

Chapter 83


Criminal detention facilities; maintenance standards; enumerated.

The standards for the maintenance of criminal detention facilities shall include but not be limited to standards for:

(1) The staffing, training, and demeanor of personnel;

(2) The procedures for the admission and release of prisoners;

(3) The assignment procedures for assigning prisoners to housing, programs, and related activities;

(4) The establishment of a standardized records and statistical system for criminal detention facilities;

(5) The establishment of systems and procedures for the handling of prisoner mail, visits, and telephone services;

(6) The procedures for prisoner access to the media, general library, exercise, and recreation;

(7) The procedures for prisoner access to legal material, legal counsel, and religion;

(8) The supervision and uses of the facility arsenal, firearms, and key room;

(9) Food services;

(10) Health services; and

(11) Prisoner conduct.


  • Laws 1978, LB 212, § 6;
  • R.S.Supp.,1980, § 83-948.03.