83-189. Board of Parole; members; appointment; qualifications; chairperson; duties.

The Board of Parole shall consist of five full-time members to be appointed by the Governor. The members of the board shall be of good character and judicious temperament. The members of the board shall have all the powers and duties of board members commencing on the date of appointment. The appointments shall be subject to confirmation by the Legislature at its next regular session following the appointments. At least one member of the board shall be of an ethnic minority group, at least one member shall be female, and at least one member shall have a professional background in corrections.

One of the five members of the board shall be designated as chairperson by the Governor. In addition to the chairperson's duties as a member of the board as prescribed in subsection (1) of section 83-192, he or she shall supervise the administration and operation of the board and shall carry out the duties prescribed in subsection (2) of such section.

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