83-149. Department of Correctional Services-made goods; catalog; estimates of materials required.

The Department of Correctional Services shall prepare, annually, and at such other times as it may determine necessary, a catalog or bulletin sheets containing a description of all articles and supplies manufactured and produced by the department under sections 83-144 to 83-152. Copies of the catalog and bulletin sheets shall be sent by said department to all departments, institutions and agencies of the state referred to in section 83-145. On or before June 15 of each year, each constitutional state officer, each head of every executive department of the state and each titular head of each institution and other agency of the state shall report in writing to the Department of Administrative Services, estimates for the ensuing year commencing July 1, or ensuing quarter, if desired, the kinds and amounts of articles and supplies required by them for the ensuing year or quarter, referring in such estimates to the catalog and bulletin sheets issued by the Department of Correctional Services insofar as the articles and supplies indicated are included in the catalog or bulletin sheets.

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