83-1217. Department; contract for specialized services; certification and accreditation requirements; assisted services; method of reimbursement.

The department shall contract for specialized services and shall only contract with specialized programs which meet certification and accreditation requirements. Assisted services provided under this section through community-based developmental disability programs shall be reimbursed on a daily rate basis, including such services provided to eligible recipients under the medical assistance program established in section 68-903 upon approval for such reimbursement from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The department shall apply to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for approval of any necessary waiver amendments to permit such reimbursement and shall begin reimbursing such services on a daily rate basis no later than March 1, 2011. In order to be certified, each specialized program shall:

(1) Have an internal quality assurance process;

(2) Have a program evaluation component;

(3) Have a complaint mechanism for persons with developmental disabilities and their families;

(4) Have a process to ensure direct and open communication with the department;

(5) Develop, implement, and regularly evaluate a plan to ensure retention of quality employees and prevent staff turnover;

(6) Have measures to enhance staff training and development;

(7) Be governed by a local governing board or have an advisory committee, the membership of which consists of (a) persons with developmental disabilities, (b) family members or legal guardians of persons with developmental disabilities, and (c) persons who are interested community members;

(8) Meet accreditation standards developed by the department;

(9) Require a criminal history record information check of all employees hired on or after September 13, 1997, who work directly with clients receiving services and who are not licensed or certified as members of their profession; and

(10) Meet any other certification requirements developed by the department to further the purposes of the Developmental Disabilities Services Act.

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