83-1,123. Parole; revoked; action of Board of Parole.

(1) A parolee whose parole is revoked shall be recommitted to the department until discharge from the custody of the state becomes mandatory or until reparoled by the board.

(2) The time from the date of the parolee's declared delinquency until the date of arrest for the custody of the board shall not be counted as any portion of the time served.

(3) A parolee whose parole has been revoked shall be considered by the board for reparole at any time in the same manner as any other committed offender eligible for parole.

(4) Except in the case of a parolee who has left the jurisdiction or his or her place of residence, action revoking a parolee's parole and recommitting the parolee for violation of the conditions of parole must be taken before the expiration of the parole term less good time. A parolee who has left the jurisdiction or his or her place of residence shall be treated as a parole violator and, when apprehended, shall be subject to recommitment or to supervision for the balance of the parole term as of the date of the violation.

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