83-1,115. Board of Parole; determination regarding committed offender's parole; factors considered.

Before making a determination regarding a committed offender's release on parole, the Board of Parole shall consider the following:

(1) A report prepared by the institutional caseworkers relating to his or her personality, social history, and adjustment to authority, and including any recommendations which the staff of the facility may make;

(2) All official reports of his or her prior criminal record, including reports and records of earlier probation and parole experiences;

(3) The presentence investigation report;

(4) Recommendations regarding his or her parole made at the time of sentencing by the sentencing judge;

(5) The reports of any physical, mental, and psychiatric examinations of the offender;

(6) Any relevant information which may be submitted by the offender, his or her attorney, the victim of his or her crime, or other persons;

(7) The risk and needs assessment completed pursuant to section 83-192; and

(8) Such other relevant information concerning the offender as may be reasonably available.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 817, § 46, p. 3097; Laws 2006, LB 1113, § 52.